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The Arts & Science Council (ASC) requires that ASC's logo and brand name appear in printed/electronic materials and crediting language be used where appropriate in accordinance with the following guidelines.

To increase ASC's brand awareness, we require that ASC's logo appear with the brand name.  The integrity of ASC's logo and brand name must be maintained at all times.

ASC's logo and brand name must not appear smaller than 5/8" of an inch wide by 5/8" of an inch tall. The brand name must be legible.  There is no limit on how large ASC's logo and brand name appear.

The four primary colors of ASC's logo are CMYK as noted below:

Red: C-0 / M-100 / Y-100 / K-23
Blue: C-52 / M-23 / Y-0 / K-0
Green: C-31 / M-11 / Y-100 / K-0
Yellow: C-0 / M-38 / Y-100 /K-0

Download ASC's logos: ASC logo - color | ASC logo - black and white

To request the logo in an eps format, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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